The Modern American Studies class goes back in time for learning about Ellis Islands.

Kyle Stucky and the Modern American Studies team decided to have students simulate this time period.

The main idea of this is to put the students in the perspective of the immigrants during this time. All the history teachers get together and simulate of Ellis Island.

Elise Islands is an immigration station that was opened in 1892. They main purpose was for immigrants migrating to the United States to be free in a non-war zone so they could be safe.

Stucky is one of the five Modern American Studies teacher at the Laramie High School. Has been doing the Ellis Island simulation.

“This year was a little different from the years before, we have got all of the Modern American Studies teachers together, for instance Mr.Shabron and Mr.Brinkmans classes combined for one whole big simulation,” Stucky said.

This is almost Stuckys third year of doing this simulation.

“I really love doing Ellis Island with my group of kids, and I really think the students get a good sense of how it was back then and the main purpose of it,” Stucky said.

After they get done with the simulation Stucky gets feedback from the students and what they thought about it. He feels like it makes a real big impact doing the simulation instead of the students doing research about it.

“It really shows the push and pull factors and why the immigrants were migrating to the United States,” Stucky said.

The Modern American studies teachers thought it would be a good idea to put all the classes together. Combining all the classes really helped because it would take several days with so many different classes to get the simulation done. 

The classes start in front of the classrooms and go up the emergency staircase. Then they will walk back down the pod to answer questions like the immigrants would have to do.

The main point of Elise Island simulation is to get the fact that not everyone was treated fairly in this time period.

And after they get done, they will work on it some more in the classroom and then move on to the next unit in class.