The Laramie Youth Council had a number of pitches to the Laramie City Council this last week.

Laramie Youth is a collection of high schoolers that are accepted into a group specifically built for the improvement of the youth in Laramie.

One member Owen Reese, stated that the city council backs the Laramie youth council to its fullest extent and is funded by the city.

“Laramie Youth Council is a collection of high schoolers that come together to kind of advise the city to work on projects meant for bettering the community and the youth of Laramie specifically,” Reese said. “It’s really a way of getting youth involved and giving them a voice that they may or may not have had before.”

Laramie Youth Council meets every Thursday at 6 in the evening at the city hall building.

This building is best characterized by the odd placement of a large metal crocodile in the very front clearly visible from Grand Avenue.

Another member of Laramie Youth Council named Layla Johnson, talked about a typical night at a Laramie Youth Council meeting.

“We usually meet on Thursdays at the city council building at six in the evening,” Johnson said. “Our meetings are usually pretty informal. However, we try and have a structured agenda and items to talk as well as our projects and things we’re working on.”

Laramie Youth Council works on several different projects centered in Laramie with the impacts focused the community as a whole.

“Usually we try and aim for projects that are youth focused or that would have an impact on Laramie,” Johnson said. “People usually come to us with pitches and we decide if we want to take it on. We usually take into consideration whether or not its youth focused or what the impact would be to the Laramie community.”

Some of the City Council men and women work with the Laramie Youth Council to create bills to pass on to the City Council.

One of the city council members named Brian Harrington, worked with Youth Council member Owen Reese to create a plastic bag tax of tent cents for all the stores in Laramie.

“Owen gets the line share of the credit for the pitch, he did most of the heavy lifting,” Harrington said. “We met and he sort of showed me what he was working on and told me what his intentions were and I just gave him feedback.”

Harrington also talked about the Laramie City Council works with the Youth council to get things done around Laramie.

“It always a little unclear what happens at City Council meetings because most people forget there even is a city council,” Harrington said. “With the Youth Council we bring in young people and they learn about City Council and how it works so that they can try and change things in their community.”