The 2019-2020 senior pictures and quotes are due on Oct. 31. These photos and quotes will be featured in the Laramie High School yearbook.

Senior pictures are a way of featuring the work and dedication required to complete high school. These photos are typically high quality, or artistic photos of seniors.

Senior quotes are a quick phrase that most commonly tells a joke. Quotes can also be used to feature ones characteristics, interests or an inspirational and meaningful phrase.

Every senior is allowed to submit one photo. These photos can be submitted on the LHS website. This is designed to allow every student to be able to quickly and easily submit the photos.

Senior photos are not required by the school. Mrs. Smith, the teacher of yearbook talks on different options.

“Some students, for their senior photos, choose to use their Lifetouch photos,” Patricia Smith said.

Lifetouch is LHS’ contracted photo company. These photos were taken during I&E near the beginning of the year.

Many students commission professional photographers to take a series of photos. This can be very expensive.

This is a tradition to honor seniors and their growth through their school career.

“Some choose to have a friend or family member take a unique photo,” Smith continues. “It’s up to each individual student”

If a student is not able to meet the Oct 31 deadline they can go into room 2079 and talk with Smith. She says there needs to be “extenuating circumstance” in order to get an extension. If you have not talked to Smith before the deadline, you will be required to submit it by the 31st.

Senior quotes will be featured alongside the photos. The quotes can be used to complement the school year, in a funny and creative way.

Student Rowan Kelly plans on using this as this quote: “You’re damned if you do, and you’re damned if you don’t”

Kelly heard this quote from an episode in the long running “Simpsons” cartoon. Kelly thinks this quote exemplifies his experience at LHS.

Quotes like this are common, however many choose to quote religious texts, or inspirational leaders.