Laramie High School will be having its first choir concert Thursday, oct. 11th from 7:00-9:00

There will be around 50 student singing in concert choir.

There will be six other choirs participating in the concert, including the plainsmen choir, as well as the freshman choir, jazz, and a few others.

To make a choir you must try out for the classes, this allows to see where you would sound good with, and how high or low you can go.

Freshman choir is the only choir you do not have to try out for, as a freshman you get an automatic spot, but you can try out for other choirs, if you feel comfortable.

There is also a choir class during lunch, specifically for boys, they call themselves Testosterstones

There are three songs the concert choir will perform, the fist being Cantate Hodie a song from Latin origin by Mary Lynn Lightfoot.

The second song will be being a more pop song called can you hear me by Jim Popoulis.

The third song will be a tribal spiritual song called Joshua by Kirby Shaw

The freshman choir will pair with concert choir to perform the songs, but the other choirs will be separate throughout the night.

There will be 18 songs in total throughout the six choirs.

This year the concert will be free unlike previous years.

“I enjoy choir because I like being around positive people and having fun” Tatiana Rayos said.

In previous years the concerts have been a success, with few mistakes in the short 7 weeks given to prepare.

There has only been one mistake that was a little difficult to keep from the audience.

The boys forgot there part during the concert, but thankfully the choir teacher Donna Solverud was able to mouth the words and get the boys back on track before it became a bigger mistake.

“I’m somewhat nervous because I have stage fright, but I am confident that my peers know their parts and this year will be good” Rayos said.

In her experience things have been stressful trying to get 50 kids to learn the same song and be able to work together to perform the song in front of parents, and many other peers.

This year the student feel they are prepared, many seem to be nervous, and a little stressed out, due to publicly performing.

During the concert the student must all wear matching uniforms.

The boys all have the same tuxedo they will wear, and the girls have either a black dress, or a red dress with sparkles.

The concert choir girls will be wearing the red dress with sparkles, along with the freshman choir.

The other choir classes will be wearing the red dresses.

All these uniforms are provided by the school, and the students do not have to pay for them.

The students just barrow them and return them at the end of the year.