The Laramie High School volleyball team started with a record of (6-0) matches in the two-day weekend and they knew that they would get off to a fast start.

The Laramie Lady Plainsmen Volleyball Team Spikes off with a good season this year.

They have won every home game and they have lost five of the seven games they have played away.

Last week Varsity Volleyball played two away matches.

They won the three sets against the the Lady Bison’s in Cheyenne.

Then they went to Gillette and the lost all three sets, but they put up a good fight against the Thunder Basin Bolts.

The Lady Plainsmen survived a tough first set before cruising to the win (25-22, 25-16, 25-16) against an inexperienced team which is mostly filled with underclassmen.

South remained active, but communication broke down as the Lady plainsmen opened the final set with a score of (15-4).

The girls’ volleyball team this year has lost a lot of talent from last year’s season roaster to graduation.

They are a young team, so we started this year petty young and to see us grow and to have performance like this is good to see!

Because when you have a young team then they lack experience and they must find a way to fill the needs of the team.

The team this year is good because the coach is never negative against the players even in tough times, she loves this team and would do anything to help them get better.

She is always encouraging this team to push their limits and to do their best.

When they lose the coaches are never mad, they always know that they are trying their best and trying to do everything to help the team.

Even when the player is mad sometimes when they lose, they are always encouraged by their coaches.

“They needed this,” Stewart said. “They’ve been working towards this and getting better every day, so to finally achieve and fix those things we’ve been working on is a great feeling.