The Seniors at Laramie High School are getting ready to apply for scholarships to multiple schools in the country.

Each scholarship has a different due date, to find this out the student must talk to their counselor or go to the LHS website.

The website will give students the different due dates for the scholarships and some information about that particular scholarship.

On the website there are downloadable pdf. files for the students to download to get more information on that certain scholarship, they can even apply for scholarships or click a link that sends them to the school’s website that is offering a scholarship.

There are some scholarships that aren’t online, they will tell you to go down to the counseling office at LHS and talk to your counselor for more information.

The scholarships on this page aren’t just for the University of Wyoming, they’re for multiple schools in the country.

“There’s the Daniels fund scholarships that’s big until Nov. 15, it is based on income, but the income is $85,000 a year, and it’s a full ride to any school you want to go to,” counselor Debbie Bastion said.

The Daniels fund is a program that helps less fortunate students get into college.

One of the requirements are that your family must have an adjusted gross income of $85,000 or less.

That’s not all the requirements but students and parents can investigate it more on the LHS website or go to for more information on the scholarships they have to offer.

The counselors and staff at LHS are pushing for the students to get their grades up and keep them up.

“All these Scholarships are pretty competitive so the higher your GPA and the higher your ACT the better your chances are of getting these scholarships,” Bastian said.

If you have better grades than someone else, that doesn’t always mean you are going to get the scholarship it just means you have a higher chance.

Schools across the country require a different test; either the SAT or the ACT.

Usually schools in the western part of the united states require the ACT while schools in the Eastern part of the united states require the SAT.

“The SAT and the ACT are comparable, kids can take the SAT or the ACT, there is a conversion chart the schools use so if the student just takes the SAT, they can convert those scores, so it looks like the ACT,” Bastian said.

The counselors at LHS urge students to go to the school’s website and research what test the school prefers and the requirements to be accepted into the school.

All the scholarships on the website are academic there are no sports scholarships.

Sports scholarships usually come from the sport itself and you can’t really apply for them.

Depending on how the Scholarship is written you could possibly stack academic scholarships and sports scholarships, but the counselors urge you to pick the best one.