How were the homecoming preparations at Laramie High School this year?

The homecoming preparations were exciting this year.

The whole theme was fairy tales and myths.

Homecoming is a school event that students from all grade levels are allowed to attend, unlike prom that is primarily for upperclassmen. 

Homecoming week is an important tradition at a high school and college level, because it celebrates the senior high school athletes.

There also is prom the more formal of the dances at LHS.

Homecoming and prom have many differentiating components.

Prom is primarily for juniors and seniors, however freshmen and sophomores can attend prom if they’re invited by an upperclassmen.

At the LHS, the teacher Danielle Halsey is the homecoming organizer.

She is the one that came up with and designed the theme of homecoming.

It took place in the LHS cafeteria.

Everything was so perfectly organized, there were cardboards painted of places and castles.

There also was a carriage where the students went to take pictures.

Some students even got to go inside the carriage to live a life experience of being a true princess or prince.

The homecoming setting was very colorful and lively.

The dance floor was full of beautiful light colors where students danced with passion.

The lights and decorations were all in a good place to make the cafeteria look magical like in a fairy tale.

At homecoming there was a DJ playing music for the students to enjoy.

There was also a disco ball that was bigger than anyone had imagined.

Jamie Orquina is one of the students that had attended the homecoming celebration.

“homecoming was fun and entertaining,” Orquina said.

Orquina liked the setting and the decorations of homecoming this year.

Orquina really liked the food most of all.

At homecoming there was a variety of delicious food.

The songs that the Dj played was very catchy and popular.

The songs were very well known by the students.

The songs that were played were Taki Taki by Ozuna , Old Town Road by Billy Ray Cyrus and Lil Nas X, La Gasolina by Daddy Yankee, Nae Nae by Silento and Despacito by Luis Fonsi.

These songs are very famous nowadays.

Orquina had an amazing time while enjoying the music and the company of her friends.

Orquina believe that she had a lot of bonding time during homecoming.

Orquina’s best part of the homecoming celebration was because Halsey did such a great job at decorating, placing, and choosing the setting for that homecoming preparation.

Even though Orquina didn’t have a date she enjoyed spending time with her friends.

This years homecoming was truly a night to remember.

“The students at LHS should thank Halsey for putting such great effort, skill, and also the time into making homecoming the best night ever,” Orquina said.