The yearbook class at Laramie High School is starting sales early in an ambitious attempt to sell more than ever before.

Though a small class, its members are proactive and ambitious, including interviewee Sarah Wallace.

“Like any type of business, you want to do better in future years,” Wallace said.

This mindset has led to the goal of 450 yearbook sales this year, and the class is already preparing posters for it.

There are already posters up around the school, and the current yearbook class is working on additional posters to add to the building to ensure that no one is caught unawares by the approaching deadline.

“Every year we’ve sold out,” Wallace said.

It is recommended that students buy their yearbook early this year, as sales are only projected to last through March, if that.

While yearbooks have been available for pre-order since the start of the year, sales are expected to really pick up, especially with the new posters.

“A lot of people don’t think about ordering a yearbook this early in the school year, until we get the posters up,” Wallace said.

The time of year means that only 20 yearbooks have been sold so far, however, it is important for students to remember that those relatively numbers are taken from before the yearbook has really gotten a chance to advertise as they intend.

The school only orders so many yearbooks, students who procrastinate run the risk of missing out this year.

For students looking to buy a yearbook, they need to know that the price is currently 70$ and not expected to change.

After ordering their yearbook, students can expect receiving their yearbook sometime before the end of this school year.

Although the yearbook theme remains a secret and is expected to stay that way until the end of the year, students can expect something special from this year’s class.

A yearbook is a traditional high school book of pictures and quotes to remember the year by.

Some students get a yearbook every year, and some only get one for years they want to remember, such as kindergarten or senior year.

High school is unique in that for many students, it is their last chance to get a yearbook before life takes them in new directions. For students who’ve never moved, yearbooks provide a way to remember their childhood.

For students who have moved often, yearbooks can be more essential in order to remember friends from all over.

While yearbooks are traditionally done for kindergarten up to high school, high school yearbooks are usually pricier, and Laramie is no exception.

This is largely because of the thought and time our students put into the yearbooks, along with nicer pictures, especially for the seniors.

Seniors often are featured in yearbooks more than their peers because of their impending graduation. They can include additional pictures of themselves, a quote, and send in their own pictures, though some of these options come with additional price.