The Laramie High School’s theatre students will start to perform the play, “Mamma Mia” in November.

“Mamma Mia” is on Nov. 14-16 at the high school, the show starts at 7 p.m.

Theatre students have already started working on their first show this year.
Saturday workdays start next week, and evening rehearsals start on Nov. 28.  

The whole cast comes in on Saturday for two to three hours work on building set designs
and choreography during Saturday rehearsals. 

“Evening rehearsals start Nov. 28 and that’s when we’re at school from about 6-9 
p.m., sometimes more,” Charlotte Lockard said. 

Lockard ensembles team captains, works on set designs, is head of makeup and musical theatre 1 teachers assistant, but she is also in theatre guild and tech club.

Lockard said the theatre kids go to school then after will go to practice for three or more

Lockard puts a lot of her time into theatre, there’s three weeks for
every show and she spends around eight hours a day doing theatre. 

They rehearse the show with costumes and light with both theatre classes, from freshman
to senior. 

“That’s when we really put the show together and they can last till ten,” Lockard said. 

Tech club ties into theatre by, running lights, sound, ropes, stage management, and props.
They mostly do everything backstage and behind the scenes.

Theatre guild, drama club, compete at state drama and they’re the school play.  

Most of the cast has been dancing every morning in class.  They are mostly doing dance because it takes up the most time. 

But they are also working on songs and blocking, the movements they use on stage. Their arm movement, the tone in their voice, where they stand, and when they come on

The hardest thing about theatre is the time commitment and working with such a large

“”Mamma Mia” is a really dance heavy show,” Lockard said. 

Theatre is behind schedule right now, but theater kids say they are working harder to
catch up and working fast. 

“The shows are always great. The new theatre kids are a triple threat. We got a good bunch of kids that want to be there and work hard. They’re eager to do more on and off stage,” Lockard said. 

Lockard thinks the new kids are going to be hard working and they are going to do great
on and off stage. 

The new theater kids are going to be a great addition to the theatre and shows this year.
Lockard says she see a lot of potential in the theatre one kids. 

Musical theatre after closing night starting to work on Beauty and the Beast.
Theatre Guild, drama club, is preparing for their state drama competition.

They will perform a 30-minute cut of “Almost Maine” plus they compete in individual
events, Laramie will be hosting.