The 21st Century Learner class at Laramie High School, taught by William Plumb, had a guest speaker on Friday Oct. 11, involving the Marine Corps.

The guest speaker was a staff sergeant from the Marine Corp. that spoke of the numerous opportunities within the military.

“One of our students is joining the Marine Corps and brought his staff sergeant in to talk about that branch of the Military,” Plumb said. “It was very interesting to hear a lot of the new ways the military is branching out and wanting a more diverse group of people.”

This guest speaker matches up almost perfectly with what 21st Century Learner is all about as the class studies World War II a lot at first glance.

Plumb, the teacher for 21st Century Learner, stated that the class is all about preparing students for the world of today and the various programs and applications that exist that can help in work related activities, i.e. Canvas, Schoology, Google Drive, etc.

“The main idea for the class is doing things in a manner that is consistent within the current century,” Plumb said. “Some of it is simulation based, a lot of it is very much experience and using a lot of online tools within our learning management system.”

However, as Plumb states, 21st century learner is all about giving students experience in using programs that are common today.

One of the ways Plumb does this is by taking a topic many students find familiar as well as interesting (i.e. World War II) and learning about it with the aid of the modern programs people for work and education.

This gives the students the hands on experience in using the programs that Plumb teaches in class with a topic they find interesting.

“This where our learning management comes in,” Plumb said. “We have our students look up events and do a research project on the stories, the events, the destruction, etc.”

Plumb also uses other resources to teach World War II including video games, board games and movies.

“We have a game called Making History, it’s a World War II turn based strategy game,” Plumb said. “We can manipulate certain scenarios and that can give us an idea what would have happened if say Hitler hadn’t invaded the Soviet Union or whatever.”

Plumb also likes to have fun and teach more on the ridiculous side with physical simulations of certain battles and scenarios.

“Right now, everyday there is an air raid.” Plumb said. “The students have to build an air raid shelter every day out of chairs or tables and if they don’t in time… we start throwing stuff at them.”

21st Century Learner is a class offered at LHS, taught by Plumb and is offered both first and second semester.