This past week has been an exciting one for the Laramie Plainsmen with spirit week capturing center stage with many the available activities with the week ending with the homecoming game and dance.

“Spirit week was so much fun to put together,” Alyssa Dale, a member of the LHS student council said.

Each day a new theme was introduced allowing students to have fun dressing up and have fun with their friends.

LHS spirit week has been a tradition for many years now and continues to be a fun and inclusive time for everyone to get together and celebrate the schoolyear.

This year’s spirit week included many different dress-up days such as throwback Thursday in which students dress up from different periods in time.

“It was a lot of work getting everything set up, but it’s worth it because everyone has fun with it,” Dale said.

The homecoming dance at the end of the week is the most coveted event of the week with freshman through seniors showing out at this annual event.

Setting up this dance is no easy thing however and the student council put in a lot of hard work in order to make this dance fun for everyone.

“This was the best homecoming I’ve ever been to,” Andrew He said.

Many students only had positive things to say about this year’s homecoming event. Many students in attended the homecoming dance, and  student council is happy with their homecoming set up and execution.

Homecoming is an excellent way for students to feel included in the idea of having school spirit in a social way.

 The activities of homecoming promote inclusion and social activities in a fun and healthy way, which only helps to boost self-esteem and wellbeing among the student body.

The purpose of spirit week is to rally around the school and show our pride for it.

This tradition is one that will be carried for years to come and is a great way to bring everyone closer.

 People like to feel included and this week helps to put that idea into motion, with young and old getting together.

Another highlight of the homecoming spirit week is the coveted homecoming football game. The theme for the game was blackout and the student section always makes sure to show up big and loud to cheer on our team.

There was no shortage of those in attendance and everyone having a good time it made for a successful spirit week.

Homecoming has been an LHS tradition for many years and one that many look forward to. It’s a great way for everyone to come together as a school and more importantly as a community.

This year’s spirit week has shaped up to be another great one for the LHS Plainsmen.