The Wyoming Latina Youth Conference is a non-profit organization focused on empowering Latina youth through mentor ship and awareness.

This year the conference is moving Laramie Wyoming at the University of Wyoming. This Youth Conference is an annual two-day event is held every Oct. and is made up of a kick-off banquet, cultural performances, informational presentations, and educational workshops.

The banquet starts on Friday, Oct. 12 and all the workshops start on the 13 on the UW campus. At this conference, there are six different workshops you do. Each student gets assigned to a group and that group goes to the stations together.

The different workshops they do are Mindfulness and Self-Compassion, Storytelling as Resistance, Source of Strength: Leadership and Change Agents, Girls who Code, Interactive Robots Using Augmented Reality, Arduino, and Raspberry Pi and they go to the UW Planetarium.

In the Mindfulness and Self- Compassion workshop they will focus on teaching basic self-compassion skills so that participants are able to hold themselves with compassion as they work with challenging situations.

An overview of what self-compassion is and how to practice it will be provided. This overview will be followed by several experiential self-compassion exercises.

The storytelling workshop focuses on writing with interactive and creative activities. Students will write their own storytelling pieces in small groups.

Source of Strength: Leadership and Change Agents will focus on group activities that will help build self-confidence and leadership skills. Students will talk about the importance of diversity, cultural awareness, and student leadership in the public-school setting.
“Girls Who Code” is to motivate Latina youth to discover computer programming.

The girls will learn that programming careers attract people with all types of skills and interests. The workshop includes a hands-on coding exercise using Scratch.

Interactive Robots Using Augmented Reality, Arduino, and Raspberry Pi. discovers the world of programming and robotics through hands-on maze navigation and gaming exploration.

Participants will have the opportunity to engage in two activities aimed at understanding what robots do and how they can be used to solve real-world problems.

People who participate will also get hands-on learning experience applying creativity and design skills in the building of a simple platformed style game.

UW Planetarium locates visible planets and constellations and enjoys some sky lore. This show includes topics such as day-night, phases of the moon, seasons, light pollution, solar eclipse, and more.