The Laramie High School annual homecoming dance took place on Saturday at the High School after a week of school spirit and celebrations.

 The LHS student council picks a theme for each day that all the students and staff participate in. The theme of the week, along with the homecoming dance, was fairytales.

On Majesty Monday the students and staff dressed up as fairies and royalty from different fairytales. 

Tweedledee Tweedledum Tuesday was twin day where participants chose a partner and dressed alike. 

On Wicked Wednesday people dressed like villains and other evil characters from their favorite fairytales.

Once Upon A Time was throwback Thursday where people dressed like those from past decades.

 Friday was Plainsman Pride where participants wore the school colors, maroon and gold, to support the football players.

On Monday after school 5 teams participated in a flag football tournament. 

Wednesday evening there was the Pep assembly and also a dodgeball tournament. 

Thursday students and staff gathered for the burning of the L where the top three male and female candidates for each grade were announced. 

The burning of the L is a bonfire at the high school. A big wooden L is burned as part of tradition. 

The annual homecoming football game was on Friday night against East High School, Cheyenne.

One of the traditions each year is voting on homecoming court. The students who ran for homecoming royalty were required to participate in spirit week. 

Candidates must also be in a school club. Each club picked one male and female from each grade.

After the clubs picked their candidates, they decorated a window according to the theme with a picture of each candidate so that the school could see them before the voting began.

Voting took place on Wednesday.

The winners were announced on Friday during the football game and then required to attend the dance on Saturday.

“I think its cool how each club gets represented,” homecoming royalty candidate Harley Kaligis said. 

Homecoming used to be a chance for the previous year’s seniors to return to the school to see old friends but now it is just a dance for this year’s attending students. The tradition was very informal, and it was just a reunion of sorts. 

Now it is almost as formal as prom and the school’s alumni no longer return for the week of celebrations.

Many smaller towns in Wyoming like Douglas and Newcastle celebrate with a parade and banquet that the town can attend. Laramie has the colleges parade to compete with, so we don’t have an annual parade.

This years dance was decorated by LHS teacher Daniel Halsey and LHS councilor Kim Dale.

Last year’s homecoming theme was space and the dance took place at the Arena Auditorium.

The dance was open to all age groups unlike prom in the spring which only allowed Juniors and Seniors to attend. It took place in the commons area of the High school.