The Communication for Change class at Laramie High School went to ACRES farm this past week.

Communication for Change is a class for promoting civic responsibility and promoting students sense of being the best person they can be in these seemingly divided times in the United States.

The teacher for this class, Nicole Bondurant, is known at LHS for promoting social activism and justice by taking students every year to the Shepard’s Symposium at UW and teaching students about controversial topics such as war, violence, racism, and genocide.

“Communication for Change is all about promoting community and your power to change things within your community whether you see community as local or global,” Bondurant said.

“We also go over controversial issues and current events and the structure behind how some of those things happen.”

ACRES Student Farm is a UW student run farm that is made for growing and planting various plants and vegetables for the benefit of the Laramie community as a whole.

Communication for change goes on a number of community service field trips during the semester, some of which are organized by the students.

“We go on some community service activities that I organize and then we also go on some that the students organize or spearhead,” Bondurant said. “ So the trip to ACRES farm was one that I organized with the community and the next one will be one organized by the students which is looking like us going to the soup kitchen.”

This class also has units on various subject matters, as the class is focused on a number of different topics.

“We just finished a unit on child endangerment issues and we’re going to start on one about gender issues in a few days,” Bondurant said. “We’re also going to look child empowerment and gender empowerment as well.”

When Communication for change goes on these trips, it isn’t just about social issues. They also look at global impacts like economic and climate related issues as well.

“With ACRES farm we look at a lot of climate related issues,” Bondurant said. “We also look at the issues with food deserts in Wyoming which are problem because people don’t get enough healthy food or any at all.”

As far as the process of setting up one of these field trips, the process is actually quite simple.

“I call various community service groups in Laramie and offer our service as a class to them,” Bondurant said. “Most of the time they say yes!”

Communication for Change is a semester long class that has four to five community service trips in the duration of the semester. Bomdurant teaches this class every year and makes it fun and interesting while being relatively serious.

Bondurant teaches many different classes ranging from regular English to Communication for Change.