Laramie High School’s Z Club is helping empower women and children around the world.

Leila Johnson, a member of Z Club, has many goals for Z Club this year.

Z Club does projects to support their goal to empower women and children.

“We meet on Thursdays during lunch and have sewing meetings on Sundays. Our sewing meetings help one of our projects ‘Days for Girls,’ which is an international project. We sew kits for feminine hygiene products that are reusable. They last for many years, and we send them to countries who don’t have access to those products,” Johnson said.

Z-Club works to make 50 sewing kits per year and send to other countries.

“The club is an international club called Zonta, and we are the high school extension to that. Our international purpose is to be a women empowerment group that does projects to support women around the world,” Johnson said.

Along with making the hygiene packages, Z-Club also has a couple more goals to accomplish this year.

They support the organization Heart Mothers, which is when a woman pairs up with a child victim of sex trafficking. They then act as a mother figure for the child and send them gifts. The children form a mother daughter relationship with the women in Heart Mothers.

“They live in an orphanage in Cambodia, so every year we organize a 5K to support them and we also sell cupcakes at the school plays to raise awareness for the program,” Johnson said.

Johnson hopes that this year’s 5K will get more people and continue to be successful in years to come. She wants to continue to raise awareness for child victims of sex trafficking and help the children who really need it.

Z-Club has achieved many goals in the past.

“Last year, we did the Red Sand Project which we are doing again this year. We poor red sand in the cracks of the high school’s sidewalk to spread awareness of ending human trafficking. We have done that the past few years, and it continues to raise awareness,” Johnson said.

The Z Club had had diaper drives for different groups like Interfaith and Heart to Heart Safe Project and a few others.

LHS teacher Tamara Bretting is the sponsor for Z-Club. She is also member of Laramie’s Zonta Club.

“I enjoy being in Z-Club because I really like the atmosphere of it. We are all really good friends. We all get along really well and I think we make a big difference in the process,” Johnson said.

This year, the goal for Z Club is to finish 50 backpacks. They cut all the fabric themselves and sew using Ms. Bretting’s sewing machines. The process of making the backpacks takes a long time because they are only able to meet every other Sunday. 

It should be a successful year.