Laramie High School students are gathering every Friday after school to enjoy a video game with friends and teachers.

Students at LHS have been meeting for close to one year to play Super Smash Bros. Many students have found Smash Club as a fun after school activity to partake in.

“I believe this club was started last year, though there may have been some students who originally met at school to play with each other before the club was officially started last year,” Ammon Shearer said.

The club was started by Nick DeFrank and students interested in the game, who wanted to play with other students who shared a common hobby.

The announcement of the release of Smash bros ultimate in Dec 2018 excited fans of the game and inspired the idea of a club. 

“When the release of Smash ultimate was announced a bunch of kids started playing the other smash games together and when it was released the clubs was started and a bunch of people came to play together,” Shearer said.

The idea of Smash Club was thought of when the new game was announced, and people quickly jumped on the idea. The clubs started in Nick DeFrank’s classroom and eventually became so large that they needed to use more space.

“I would say that we have somewhere around 30 or more people attending Smash club,” Shearer said.

The club grew throughout last year as people became more informed of its existence. Though most of the people who originally attended the club when it first started, new faces continue to show up and join in the activities.

“Many of the original attendees have either moved or graduated from high school, but we have been seeing new people show up to the club, of those people there are quite a few underclassmen that will continue to attend through high school,” Shearer said.

The People in Smash Club like to both have tournaments and play for fun. They have multiple screens set up for people to play on which allows people to play in different fashions.

“We do both, we like to do tournaments, but if people don’t want to participate, they do not have to. We usually have a screen in DeFrank’s room, Plumb’s room, and out on the projector in the academic stadium,” Shearer said.

If one group of people wants to play competitively and another just wants to play for fun, they can set up in separate areas. This can also allow you to play with a certain group of people in the club. 

“Because we are so spread out in the school it is easy to go to another spot if you don’t want to play with a certain person for any particular reason,” Shearer said.

The attendees of Smash Club love to come together to play games with people who share the same interests. These students like having a fun way to end their week and playing a game with a friend is a great way to do that.