The Laramie High School Communications for Change class is hosting a shoe drive from Sept. 25-Oct. 11 to help local nonprofit organization SAFE Project.

“Every year the class does a grass roots project where they come up with something they want to do with a local organization or nonprofit or even just like a family or group of people,” Nichol Bondurant said. 

This year after representatives from the SAFE project came and did a presentation, the class decided they wanted to help them with their shoe drive. 

The SAFE project is an organization in Laramie, Wyo, that helps victims of sexual assault, stalking, sexual violence, domestic violence and/or abuse.  Their shelter and staff aid victims of domestic violence by providing emergency shelter, support services and financial assistance. 

The students helped with the project by placing boxes where people can donate shoes. The shoes can be donated at any of the six blue boxes located in the counseling office, main office and all the academic pods. After the drive is finished, volunteers from the SAFE project along with the students will distribute the shoes around the community to victims of domestic abuse. 

They will also distribute stories of survivors of domestic violence and even stories of victims who lost their lives to domestic violence as part of an education and awareness campaign for domestic violence.  

“Sometimes when people have to flee domestic violence they have to leave with only the clothes on their back, so people need shoes, they need clothes, they need toiletries and all sorts of stuff like that so a shoe drive just helps with one of those things,” Bondurant said.

People can donate any type of shoe they can whether they are men’s, women’s, children’s, new or worn as they all will help bring awareness to domestic abuse and help the victims of domestic abuse. The SAFE project can be contacted at their hotline number, 307-745-3556, if you or someone you know is a victim of domestic abuse. 

“If you feel like you are empowered to make a difference and you can have civic responsibility to stand up for the things you know, either for people in need or for the things you believe in, whether it’s a little or big thing, if we start now and keep doing it for all our lives then we just make the world better,” Bondurant said.

 Some other projects the communications for change class and Bondurant have worked on include going to ACRES Farm last week where they helped replant strawberry plants and work on the irrigation system. 

 “We’re open to projects too if nonprofits want to reach out to us or if someone suggest a name of a nonprofit to me to contact cause our students are really awesome and just want to help,” Bondurant said.  

After they finish with the shoe drive, the class plans on going to read to kids at Laramie’s developmental preschool and going to help at the Laramie Soup Kitchen.