Laramie High School students can attend The Cowboy Country Swing Club and their events, from 9-11 p.m., on Thursdays every week.

The Cowboy Country Swing Club is provided by the University of Wyoming. They encourage a positive, alcohol free, atmosphere where students can socialize, learn, and have a good time.

On Oct. 17, from one pm to eight, the Homecoming event will be held at the UW indoor track facility.

With upcoming events such as CCSC’s Homecoming Dance, featuring Richie Law Band, allows the students to show their skills while having live music.

Richie Law is a local rising Colorado country singer. He performed on American Idol which helped him grow and gave him the opportunity to get known.

Laws sings with a stage group, his band consists of two guitarists, bass and drum vocals which benefit his music.

The homecoming dance, the first even of the 2019 school year, will be allowing a broader swing dancing and country music audience to join in and enjoy live music and share talent.

“I’m honestly excited for the homecoming dance, I haven’t been to one of their event’s before though. Alec Buckman who’s a graduate invited me, and then some of my other friends started coming too Cowboy Country Swing Club as well,” Max Deyoung said.

With the last event CCSC held six months ago, Dance through the Decades,  brings excitement for the Homecoming dance.

“I’ve been dancing with the CCSC for about three years, the best part is getting to dance with everyone and learn a lot of new moves,” Deyoung said.

Some students who don’t have any sort of dance background are able to learn, practice and become well at swing dancing.

Swing dancing though learnable is best if an individual has a background is sports or other, seeming as swing dancing uses a lot of coordination.

Swing dancing is an upbeat quick style of dance, it requires a partner in which is flipped, making the partners to both know what to do to avoid injury.

There are a few different styles of Swing dancing. Each of the styles result in similar movements but different music, making each unique in their own way.

CCSC uses country swing of course, swing referring to a partner dance, allows swing to be used with music seeming as it isn’t characterized to a single genre of music.

“I’ve been doing country swing, but outside of the CCSC it’s easy to swing to other music because most music you can swing dance to. That’s also one of my favorite parts, its less restricting and gives me opportunities to do swing with different music and people,” Deyoung said.

CCSC is offered to anyone, they focus on allowing all individuals despite race, gender, political belief, religion and many more.

With CCSC being an open event where anyone can come with no judgment included, gives a safe place for the country swing community to come together and focus on dance.