Laramie High School state mock trial will be Nov. 23rd.

The case will be on Andy Adams V.S Honest Abe Insurance Co. of Wyoming.

Sep. 14, 2017 a fire destroyed many valuable items belonging to Adams

Although there was no damage to his house, his shed with all his valuable items went up in flames.

Fortunately for Adams, he had placed insurance on his shed, and weeks before the fire he had raised coverage for his collection from $150,00 to $370,000

Dale Draper was sent to investigate the incident.

After weeks of investigation his case was ruled as a fraudulent claim.

Wyoming mock trial created this case and LHS will use it at state competition.

The mock trial will begin scrimmaging and practicing oct.7th

Mock Trial has been divided among two teams.

The veterans, or students who have returned this year, were divided among the teams.

Maggie Branch and Jordan Mendick have been a part of mock trial for the longest time.

The teams were divided based on student’s performance as an attorney and or witness.

As well as who was able to create a strong character, and maintain good questions, as both an attorney and or witness.

The students have played both roles and the students will do so again this year.

“Arundathi Nair is one of the only students who has not played a role as a witness, because of her strong attorney cases, because of this Nair and Makelle Upchurch will provide as a team support, or as managers of the teams,” Whitney Martin said.

This allows for the new students to have someone to go to for help.

With the new students joining, Martin is making sure the student know what they are getting themselves into.

She has them watch videos of teams scrimmaging, and videos of previous teams taking place at state.

This allows the students to understand the expectations and what needs to be done.

Having student’s do this alleviates some of the stress placed on the coaches.

Martin expects her students to work hard and create a strong case, as stressful as it seems, she isn’t alone.

She has help from the Corthell and king p.c. attorneys Marion Marchetti, and Erik Oblasser volunteer to coach the mock trial teams alongside Martin.

They teach the students how to set up objections, as well as exceptions from a legal perspective.

They also teach the student examinations and cross examinations.

Martin also gets help from the UW college of law, and they allow for them to practice and scrimmage in the court room, and occasionally offer professors and law students to serve as judges and part of the jury.

Funds are a big part of Mock Trial as well, fortunately the funds have been matched each year.

Nicholas & Tangeman LLC offers donations as well as Fleener Petersen Law and other local firms.

The Mock Trail must raise at least half of the requested amount, and the LHS fundraiser committee has raised the other half.