University of Wyoming administrators say they hope the school’s enrollment will continue to grow. Laramie High School counselors are having a hand in helping them by encouraging high school students to take college classes.

Laramie High School Counselor Debbie Bastian said, “We have a letter that goes to the University of Wyoming and then we send them an official transcript with that letter, and the students take that to UW to the registrars office to become enrolled.”

The counseling office helps students become enrolled at Laramie County Community College (LCCC) as well. “At LCCC, we have a form that they have generated and we fill out the form.” Bastian said “It’s got three different colors, yellow, pink, and white. We keep the last copy, and the other two go to LCCC.” Bastian says these are what tells UW and LCCC that the students are currently in high school and LHS is paying for them.

Students seem to be taking initiative on their own, “Students would really like for instance to take English 10-10 and get their freshman English out of the way or take a freshman math class at LCCC to get that out of the way.” Bastian said. UW and LCCC offers many courses for LHS students to enroll in.

The number of students taking these classes is on the rise, Bastian says there are about 70 kids taking LCCC and UW classes, mainly juniors and seniors.

Many students have difficulty trying to find out what they want to do as careers or enrolling in a college. Most of the time, students must take initiative because at the college level, they expect students to take that responsibility.

However, if a student has difficulty in school the counseling office will help them about meeting requirements,

“We try and meet with those students and talk to them about what they need to do in order to meet their goal of going to college or a career.” Bastian said. “We talk a lot about how to meet graduation requirements and how those help them in the future.” 

If any students have questions about college, Bastian advises them to meet with their counselor and ask.

According to The Casper Star-Tribune, Associate Vice Provost for Enrollment Management Kyle Moore said that applications to the school are increasing this year compared to last. The school received 12,450 students last year and aims to acquire 1000 more by 2022.

According to U.S. News, a study in 2015 revealed over 85% of college freshman say that getting a better job was a very important factor in choosing to go to college. UW has a very good engineering program, according to U.S. News UW is ranked number 141 best engineering schools and number 11 in Petroleum Engineering in the country. There are 185 students enrolled in the program.

It is also well ranked in medicine. The school is number 124 in Clinical Psychology, number 53 in Pharmacy, and number 92 in Speech-Language Pathology nationwide.