The Laramie High School FFA is hosting a pig roast to raise money for the FFA chapter on Oct. 4.  

Starting at 6 p.m. for the Laramie Homecoming football game against Cheyenne East, the Laramie community can go to the pig roast in the pregame before the football game.  

It is at LHS, and they will be serving the food by the concession stand at the game. 

The FFA chapter starts setting up for the dinner right after school on Oct. 4 and as soon as they are set up, they will start serving food.  

“I like the pig roast because I know that I’m doing something good to help other kids and I go to competitions and we getall night and we make sure everything is going as plan. And they just have a good time with each other,” Wyatt Bullock said. 

 to have a great time with each other cooking this pig. We start cooking the pig on Thursday and then we stay with the pig A local business, West Laramie’s own Butcher Block, will generously donate the meat for the fundraiser Friday night.  

They give back in many ways to the community, and this is just another way they can show their support for high school kids. 

This fundraiser will be raising money for FFA to have money to attend state competitions and hotels while they travel.  

Future Farmers of America is a youth organization that helps members with premier leadership skills. It helps them learn more about animals’ plants and agriculture issues in the world= 

This Agriculture education program provides a well-rounded, practical approach to learning through three components: classroom education, hands-on supervised agricultural experiences and FFA, which provides leadership opportunities and tests students’ agricultural skills.  

This program has helped kids to be more successful in life by learning what life is about and what you must do to live in this world. 

The FFA chapter will take five people and they will stay overnight with the pig to cook it. It takes a long time but guaranteed to taste good. It is quite the undertaking each year as they prepare the meat and then check it as it cooks.  

“In FFA I do meat judging. Meat judging is where a meat judge comes in to eyeball the amount of fat and muscle on a beef carcass down to fractions of an inch. Also, in we learn about agricultural issues. The Leadership Development Event (LDE) challenges students to investigate a variety of current local, state, national and international issues facing agriculture through classroom instructions. Communication, leadership and teamwork skills are critical to this event success. This event connects agriculture to students with professionals in the industry and they research, present and then understand complicative issues facing the agriculture landscape,” Bullock said. 

The Laramie community is encouraged to come out Friday night to support the local FFA chapter and cheer on the LHS football team as they take on Cheyenne East for this year’s Homecoming game.