On September 16 a bat decided to join Ms. Smith for her first period.

Yearbook is Ms. Smith’s first class of the day.

Smith was completely clueless to the bat in her classroom.

Ms. Smith sent her students to do a quick project in another part of the school for an assignment, as the class was gathering back from their quick trip after 10 – 15 minutes.

Ms. Smith was assisting another student with help when she noticed a bat crawling around the edges of the classroom.

Ms. Smith remained calm.

She asked for everyone to evacuate the classroom immediately and safely once she noticed the bat.

The bat was walking very slowly around.

The bat was not seen flying around the class by the students or Smith.

Nobody was injured or had skin on skin contact  with the bat.
“She was obviously a little panicked, but she did a good job of making sure everyone got out of
the room. Even though a lot of students didn’t know why we had to exit,” says Taryn Longress said, a former student of Ms. Smith who was in the room.

That’s when smith asked another English teacher next door for help on removing the bat.

Christopher Sherwood, who was teaching his first hour of Mythology, came over to help smith remove the bat from the classroom.

Jeff Stender, the sophomore student principal came to help capture the bat as well.

“Up until two weeks ago I had not seen a bat, and then I saw one hanging on the outside storage
and then one week later I saw one inside the school,” Stender said.

Stender said how he and Chuck Kern were wondering how the bat got in the school and Mr.

Kern was watching videos outside of the classroom and the bat was flying around the night

“We don’t know how long it was in the school, but it had been in here at least a full day,” Stender

Stender and Sherwood both removed the bat by a box tilt to its side and used the lid of the box to
guide the bat into the box without harm to itself or the people.

If the bat was flying around, they would have used different measures to remove the poor creature.

After 2 to 3 minutes of getting the bat out of the classroom, they released the bat out in the grassy field on the west side of the school