At the Laramie high school, there is a group of talented dancers called the Laramie’s lightning. This group of girls takes time to practice their dance routines.

 Dancing may seem to be easy but it’s not. To be a good dancer takes dedication and long hours of practice.

 However, when dancing,  it takes a lot of your energy and effort to be able to perfect it.

 For others, dancing may seem very easy for them but that’s only when they have done it for their whole life, so it’s not hard for them to learn how to dance to a difficult choreography. 

 Grace is one of the team members from the Laramie’s lightning, Grace has been dancing since she was five years old. 

For grace dancing is her passion, it calms her down and relaxes her. Grace and other dancers believe that dancing allows them to express themselves as humans and people. 

Dancing also allows them to show what they are feeling. Dancing makes them happy they love dancing with each other.

 Their coach is Allison Telgenhaff they all say that she is an amazing teacher and friend. They all learn very well with her as their coach. 

These dancers show love and compassion, they always help each other through easy and hard times, there’s never any conflict between the girls.

 Every time one of the members makes a mistake they all try to help with kindness.

 Their relationship is strong, they never gossip about each other or about others. 

This dance group in a civilized community that likes to help and teach others about dancing. 

 There are many different types of dance moves and choreography that they learn when they’re about to perform for LHS or for other events. 

There are many types of dance moves like American dances, Latin dances, and western dances.

 But these group of girls mostly dance to American dances and maybe soon or later the might dance to Latin or western dances. 

They like dancing for their school they like showing that Laramie spirit. 

They enjoy showing what they have been practicing for football games.

 Dancing has changed these girls’ life for good. All the girls from the lightning squad grow their strength from dancing. 

They move forward because they can do something that they all love to do, dancing can change people’s lives for a good reason. 

These girls are in a perfect friendship they all do what they want to but together, and they would never ask to change something about each other or their teacher. 

The Laramie lighting dance squad is a group of girls that are to admire for their hard work, relationships, and talent. 

They invite you to learn from them and ask questions if anyone needs something. Join them for their after school practice to learn new dance moves and choreography.