Laramie High School orchestra students will be participating in the yearly Wyoming State String Clinic, November third through the fifth in Casper.   

State string clinic is offered to orchestra students who have been selected by the conductor based on their work effort and level of musicianship.  

This event is held yearly, it allows students who have contributed to their orchestra to go more than once if deserved.  

“I am a senior and this will be my second time going to state string clinic. I have played for roughly ten years, and this opportunity for me to go again is exciting because it allows me to further my interests in orchestra since I am able to see an orchestra on a larger scale compared to LHS. Also, because I get to work with others who participate and contribute as much as I do,” Zavria Brizuela said. 

Opportunities to attend state string clinic, leaves four opportunities over the span of the students’ high school career to attend this event. 

Students are able and encouraged, to develop group skills to further them in different symphonies. 

Over the span of three days, orchestra student from around Wyoming will be put into groups where they work on pieces that will be performed on the last day.  

Wyoming State String Clinic brings in guest conductors to conduct the groups, with pieces the students prepared beforehand.  

Rehearsal on the first and second day will be for more than four hours. The third day is when final critiques happen leading to the concert that ends off the event.  

Group A and B are characterized by A being chamber, and B being concert. Students who are attending string clinic are put into groups chosen by their conductor. 

“We have a new conductor Mrs. Lyford who took the place of Mrs. McCoy this year, this allowed us in a way, to show our skills to a new conductor. This gave many opportunities leaving an unbiased decision held by Mrs. Lyford,” Brizuela says. 

With new students for a conductor to judge, leads with expectations but also surprises on the abilities held by the orchestra students.  

Wyoming State String Clinic allows opportunities to be in a larger group, contributing and learning with others.  

“I gain the experience of what a symphony can feel like, as there are a few long rehearsals and a need to practice a lot on your own. I also gain the experience of playing with a large group of people I don’t know well and may have not played with before,” Brizuela said.

The Laramie High School Orchestra is limited to the amount of people that participate in the orchestra. Three classes are offered, consisting of freshman, concert and chamber. 

Each of these classes consist of no more than 15 students. Even though the concerts produced by these groups results in them all playing a piece together. It is in no comparison to the size of string clinic.