The Safe2Tell program is helping students become more comfortable in telling personal information to get help. 

Laramie High School has started to use the Safe2Tell program for students to confidentially report things about themselves or others. 

Jason Uitterdyk, a counselor at LHS, talked about how the program is really beneficial for students. 

“Safe2Tell came about three years ago in Wyoming at least. It’s basically a way for students or anyone in the community to report something confidentially that they are concerned about. For example, if you were concerned about your friend who might have said something about being suicidal, or even if you saw something happen at a park that was concerning to you, you can report it to Safe2Tell,” Uitterdyk said. 

“It is an alternate way to report something other than talking to an administrator or someone in the building,” Uitterdyk said.  

Safe2Tell is beneficial for many students because it is a way for students to be able to report something without becoming involved in it if they don’t feel comfortable. If people report something anonymously, they do not have to continue to be involved if they don’t want to.  

“One example I have is when someone was concerned about a student at the university. There is not a direct line of communication, so that student had done a report through Safe2Tell. That information got to the right people that could then check in on that student.” Uitterdyk said.  

“What’s important is some students just don’t know who to talk to about something or where to take that information, and this just helps them not need to know where or who. They can report to one spot, and then the Safe2Tell people will actually get the information to who it needs to go to,” Uitterdyk said. 

Uitterdyk recommends this to others because it is very easy, and people can report anything.  

“It’s of anything of concern. When we talk about it normally, we are talking about suicidal ideation or someone said something threatening to the school or a friend or to the community. But it can be things like troubles at home, with family members, abusive situations, things like that. I think that it really makes it easy to pass that information along,” Uitterdyk said. 

Along with the positives of this program, Uitterdyk thinks that there are also some downfalls to it.  

“I think it’s always better face to face and to report things to someone directly. It helps gather all the information that someone might need. With Safe2Tell, you can submit information anonymously, which could make it hard for the program to get all the information that it might need,” Uitterdyk said. 

There are multiple ways to submit reports through Safe2Tell. You can call and speak to an employee on the phone. Most of the reports that Uitterdyk has seen are online, and people fill out some basic information and submit it. If people want to put their contact information, they can, but it’s not needed to submit something.