Pop Culture club is a club where students can watch movies and play video games, but also learn about other cultures through what they do, and why the stuff they learn about is popular. 

“We talk about different fandoms we’re into, we select what our fandom Fridays are going to be, so every week it’s something different.” William Plumb teacher and club host said.

The movies that the students watch come from different cultures, and through those movies’ students have learned about other cultures. They also watch TV shows that can help them visualize how other cultures picture themselves and others. 

Pop culture club isn’t just around so that people have fun, it’s also about learning.

“We had a group of students that wanted a club so they could talk about all the nerdy, cool, hip things they were into.” Plumb said. 

In Pop Culture club they also talk about why what they are looking at is popular. They will have discussions on why it’s cool, funny or popular.

Pop Culture club also tries to get involved in the community, they try to help, and see what events they can get into, so they can make themselves more well known.

The club has a good turnout, but they will always want more people to come. They want people to be exposed to things popular in other cultures, whether its movies, book, TV shows or comic books.

Luckily with time Pop Culture club has become more popular, and thus it has gained more people.

 “Pop Culture…doesn’t just mean comic books, or anime, or whatever. Its anything that’s popular within culture that we can talk about and analyze.” Plumb said.

So many people stereotype the things that are popular within certain cultures, people think that Japan only has anime, but they have so much more, such as plays that are formerly called Kabuki.

Pop Culture club has been constantly growing ever since it started five years ago. 

“We share videos, books that everybody’s into,” Plumb said.

They don’t tend to watch videos just for educational purposes, they watch videos that people want to watch for entertainment and education. 

For example, they have watched “Avatar: The Last Airbender”, “Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them”, and some “Star Wars” movies.

Pop Culture club has a good amount of attendees, but they want more, so they have made themselves more popular through activities they have done.