The Laramie High School girls swim team competed in Jackson Hole on September 20 and 21.

This meet is special because the amount of swimmers allowed to go to is slashed significantly.

One swimmer, by the name of Sage Morton, met the requirements to go to this meet.

“So in order to make the travel team you have to be at least the fourth fastest in your event on the team,” Morton said. “The only exceptions are taking every senior on our team, even if they don’t make the roster. We definitely want to take them because it’s a really fun experience for all of us,” Morton said.

This swim meet happens every year and is considered the most fun out of all the meets the girls team attends in their season. The reason for this being the emphasis on having fun and seeing the town of Jackson Hole rather than solely focusing on the competition. The meet itself only takes a few hours, so there is obviously more time for fun.

The assistant head coach of the LHS Girl’s Swim Team, Tamara Bretting, stated that the meet is very special to the swimmers that qualify specifically because it’s such a fun meet.

“Jackson is a fun meet because it such a fun place to go,” Bretting said. “We have a limited roster so the girls that do get to go work very hard to be a part of the travel team.”

Every year, the girls team wakes up at four in the morning on a cold September morning to get to Jackson in a reasonable time frame. The route takes them five hours down the road to Rock Springs and then 3 hours north through Pinedale to Jackson Hole. When they get there, the team is ‘cut loose’ so to speak and are allowed go to the numerous shops and restaurants in the downtown area of Jackson.

“We get to do a lot of shopping and what not in the downtown area of Jackson,” said Morton. “It’s really nice to stretch our legs after the long bus ride.”

The meet isn’t really that competitive so more time is given to going around the town and having fun. Swimmers go to shops like the only Häagen-Dazs Ice cream shop in Wyoming and the numerous gift shops around the town. The team also catches a look at a lot of the luxury items in Jackson such Louis Vuitton purses and the occasional Audi A7 speeding by.

The Jackson meet this year was very eventful. The LHS girls swim team broke five pool records and won the meet, which admittedly is pretty standard for the Lady Plainsmen.

“The meet was also special because we broke five pool records,” Bretting said. “We also won the meet by doubling the second place team’s points.”

The Lady Plainsmen girls team as high aspirations this year. They plan on winning the 4A Wyoming Girls State Swimming championships this coming November.