Last Saturday FFA members from Laramie High School participated in the annual Wyoming Buddy Walk to support families with down syndrome.

“It’s meant to raise awareness and support for local families with down syndrome,” said Brian Coxbill, an FFA adviser.

The event connects people with down syndrome to the community and to others with down syndrome. Over 300 people participated in the event.

Proceeds from the event will go towards the Wyoming Down Syndrome Association.

The event started at 9 am and ended at 12 pm. It took place at Washington Park. It started with carnival games, food, and live music.

At 10:30, the traditional walk around the city took place to promote awareness for people with down syndrome.

“FFA members were encouraged to go to the event,” said Coxbill. “FFA helped participate in the event and mostly did clean up.”

The Snowy Range Future Farmers of America went to the event to help run it.

The buddy walk worked with Wyoming Athletics, so those who registered for the buddy walk had the opportunity to purchase discounted football tickets to the game. The walk ended in time so that people could go to the University of Wyoming football game.

Live music was played by the 6 Million Dollar Band. 6 MDB specializes in performing 80’s music.

The Annual Wyoming Buddy Walk is a tradition that been going on for 19 years. The walk was organized by Wyoming Down Syndrome Association and Ark Regional Services.

Down syndrome is a genetic disorder that occurs when an individual has a partial or extra copy of the 21st chromosome, named after the first doctor to study it, John Langdon Down.