The auto shop at the Laramie High School is some students favorite class.

 It is taught by LHS teachers, Mr.Robbins and Mr.Boucher. A student, Chris Curby is enrolled in the class and enjoys it.

Throughout the week students work hard on projects and tests. Mondays usually start out by doing book work and chapter tests.

On the block days they get a lecture from the teachers and start working on tasks sheets. When they work on tasks sheets, they do different tests usually on their own vehicles.

On Fridays it is open shop and they make up tests and get to work on their own cars. 

“I am currently working on my Honda Civic, I am currently working on fixing the gasket between the engine and transmission, “said Curby. 

Curby has enjoyed auto since he moved here last year and has been in the class since. As of next semester he will be in the final auto class the high school offers. During the week he works to get things fixed in auto.  

The auto class is an enrollment at the high school, but it counts for college credits. Students can work with fuels and electrical depending on the class.

Curby does a lot in the auto class including cleaning the car out as well as fixing and maintaining it.  He said the class can be hard but it’s worth it to learn the stuff.  

Curby hopes to get a job in the future being a mechanic. He likes to influence others with what they do in the auto shop. 

“I want to gradate and work for one of my buddies at an auto shop,” Curby said.  

When Curby isn’t helping other students, he is working on his car. He hopes to buy a new suspension and put it on his car. After he gets his suspension, he will get a turbo for his car. He also hopes to upgrade his engine in his car. 

Chris grew up always wanting to drive fast so he upgrades his car so he can. 

“I think it would cool to upgrade my car,” said by Chris. 

“The tests in auto aren’t too hard. And for the final we clean the shop and then put tools away where there supposed to go,” said Curby.

Chris also power wash’s his car on block days or Fridays if they aren’t doing anything in the shop. 

Chris can also use the welders and tools for his car. He is in agriculture mechanics, so he can also modify his car in there as well. He wants to make more projects for his car he loves working on it and learning new things from the teachers and friends and students.