The Laramie High School engineering class is beginning to immerse themselves in the engineering world and learning how to use a design process which will help them as they work through projects like professional engineers. 

The students have recently finished an inventions and innovations presentation where they find inventions already in use today or in the past and find interesting facts and do presentations on them.

“One of our groups of students did the multiplane camera which is what the movie studios Disney did,” LHS teacher Ariana Eicke said. “they could have multiple layers of pictures, the background in the back and have snow white in the front and depending on how they moved the planes it would look like a camera moving around her.”

This was among other presentations done by the students which show many inventions that have progressed technology. 

The students will also have guest speakers from the University of Wyoming and surrounding engineering companies. The past year they had a guest speaker from the University who is in the petroleum engineering field; which is a growing discipline. Many students go from high school to petroleum engineering because there is a good amount of money involved.

“We will try to get work with the University engineering students and possibly get Trihydro to come talk with the students,” Ariana Eicke said.

Students agreed that it’s always nicer hearing someone who has chosen engineering for a career to offer better insight to the real world.

In the Principles of Engineering class taught by Jenny Taufa, the students learn about different disciplines and get a taste of each discipline all the way from aerospace engineering to telecommunications engineering. Taufa began the year with having students figure out what past students had built and what those projects are meant to do.

To start the process the students will be reverse engineering the everyday uses for the objects from flashlights, to utility knives, pens even marble sorters.

“The reverse engineering process allows students to take what actual engineers have come up with and figure out how it mechanically works,” LHS teacher Ariana Eicke said.

“Then they must do a presentation on their findings and 3D model the object in a program called Inventor similar to AutoCAD.”

The students have learned how to use Inventor previously in the past weeks to prepare them for what they will see and assist them in their work.

The process of designing their own projects is based around a non-profit organization called Project Lead the Way (PLTW) this helps schools across the United States use a similar teaching system.

The students begin with basic projects in the first class which is Intro to Engineering and Design then they move on if they choose to the more advance classes such as Principles of Engineering. The next step for students is they can connect with the University of Wyoming professors and work with them on projects with the help of Eicke and Taufa and can tour the facilities.