Laramie High School Girls Swim Team won both meets on Friday and Saturday at the LHS pool.

LHS dueled against Rock Springs on Friday. They also dueled Kelley Walsh and Green River on Saturday, and won.  

The teams competed to win 12 races, one team against the other for duels.

The events are, 200 Yard medley relay, 200 yard free, 200 yard IM, 50 yard free, 1 meter diving, 100 yard fly, 100 yard free, 500 yard free, 200 yard free relay, 100 yard back, 100 yard breast, 400 yard free relay.

The girls 200 yard medley relay was won by Laramie with a time of 1:59.04, Maya Peterson, Anna Roesler, Olivia McPherson and Heidi Schroeder.

Girls  200 yard free was won by Abi Robinson-Kim from Rock River, second Katie McPherson, LHS, third, Ashlyn Mathes from LHS.

Girls 200 yard IM; first Olivia McPherson from LHS, second Anna Roesler, LHS, third Payton Miller, RSP.

Girls 50 yard free; first Therese Richardson, LHS, Chloe Butcher, RSP, Leah Moser, RSP.

Girls 1 mtr diving; Natalie Six, 221.75, LHS, Mallorie Hamel, 205.75, LHS, Maddie Appelhns, 177.30, LHS.

Girls 100 yard fly; Therese Richardson, 1:04.88, LHS, Heidi Schroeder, 1:11.01, LHS, Mayci Wade, 1:11.32, LHS.

Girls 100 yard free; Kenadi Olaveson, 1:01.79, LHS, Leah Moser, 1:01.93, RSP, Isabel Arnold, 1:05.41, LHS.

Girls 500 yard free; Olivia McPherson, LHS, Katie McPherson, LHS, Ashlyn Mathes, LHS.

Girls 200 yard free relay; first LHS, final time 1:46.79, Heidi Schroeder, Therese Richardson, Anna Roesler, and Katie McPherson.

Girls 100 yard back; Abi Robinson-Kim, 1:04.07, RSP, Skylar Messick, 1:09.69, RSP, LAura Parker, 1:13.14, RSP.

Girls 100 yard breast; Payton Miller, 1:18.55, RSP, Kiley Walker, 1:20.92, RSP, MOrgan Forbush, 1:27.43, RSP.

Girls 400 yard free relay, first RSP, final time 4:16.10, Abi Robinson-Kim, Chloe Butcher, Laura Parker, and Payton Miller.

Isabel Arnold, a junior swimmer, swam the 100 free, 50 free and two relays on Friday. On Saturday she swam two relays, the 50 free and the 100 breaststroke.

“The meet went well. We won both days,” Arnold said.

Excited the girls’ team had won, Arnold had confidence in her fellow teammates. Arnold expects the team to do great, everyone has been working hard to get better.

“Everyone has been working hard to get better and we are looking forward to this meet.” Arnold said. “Every day is all out, all the time.”

Every year the seniors organize relay races with seniors from different sports and their coaches.

“That was fun.” Arnold said.

After the day of swimming, the coaches, seniors and the teammates had fun.

Preparing for meets, they do an extended meet workout on Friday mornings which includes 300 swim, a 300 IM kick, 8×50 kick swim, 8×50 swim free and 2×50 build.

The girls spend their mornings and evenings dedicated to practicing. The team spends five days a week in the pool, over 15 and more hours a week. Normal practices are on Monday through Friday, 6-7 am and 3:30 to 5:30 after school.

Mondays and Wednesday evening practice starts with 300 yard warm up, 30-minute kick set, then a pull set and preset, lastly an IM, involves all strokes, taking two hours.