The Laramie High School Plainsmen golf team concluded their fall season with a 7th place finish this past weekend at state.

“We definitely had the potential to get a top three finish as a team but we all struggled to play our best and the course was very long and the wind just made it even harder, especially on the second day,” senior Thayne Thatcher said.

The team was led by junior Titus Wookey, who finished 15th overall and sophomore Jackson McClaren who finished 23rd. Other team members: Thatcher, Andrew Stanard and Braden Six finished 28th, 33rd and 37th respectively.

According to Thatcher there were high expectations of some of the boys finishing higher, but it was rough couple of days and they all struggled.

The 4A state competition was hosted at Bell Nob Golf Course in Gillette from Sept. 19-21, with teams playing a practice round on Thursday to get familiar with the course.

The actual competition consisted of two rounds with one on Friday and one on Saturday.

Thirteen teams in total attended the competition from around the state, and the state title was ultimately won by Kelly Walsh High School from Casper.

“We all did very good in the practice round but when it came to the actual competition, we struggled quite a bit,” Thatcher said.

Overall the season came to a hectic end for the Plainsmen as they had to qualify on the Monday before state, had one day to practice and then departed for Gillette.

“It was tight schedule, we qualified that week and then had one day to prep and that was it, I kind of wished we had more time to prep and practice and relax a little bit but that’s okay, I think I prepared for it as much as I could and the rest was preparing mentally to play,” Thatcher said.

Thatcher started golfing his freshman year of high school and has been on the team ever since and it was during his sophomore year that he was able to develop into a competitor.

“What I’ve realized is that you golf the best when you have the goal of having fun and when you just go out there with the goal of playing well is when you do the worst,” Thatcher said.

This weekend concluded the fall season and marks Thatcher’s, as well as fellow senior Six’s, final state competition, however golf unlike many other sports also has a spring season so the seniors have that to look forward to and prepare for but with Laramie’s harsh winter it can be difficult.

“It’s pretty tough to practice for spring season, there are indoor simulators, but you have to pay for them so there is only so much you can do,” Thatcher said.

While Thatcher is most likely not going to be able to continue his golf career at a collegiate level, he does plan on continuing to golf recreationally in his future if he continues working at the golf course.