Last week the students of the ecology class at Laramie High School went on a field trip to Vedauwoo to look at the many ecosystems of the area. 

These students were studying the ecosystems of the world and how they work. 

The students got to walk around and look at the different environments Vedauwoo has to offer.

“I did enjoy it, it was a beautiful day,” Genesee Essley, a student at LHS said

Vedauwoo is a beautiful place to camp and explores nature among the rocks.

When you go to a place like Vedauwoo in search of specific things you must search for the places that a normal person on a regular rock wouldn’t look for.

“My favorite part was finding areas nature made that were secluded,” Essley said.

They had to look behind rocks, up some trails that some of them have never been on before.

The students seemed to have a good time looking around nature instead of sitting at a desk and watching a video about it.

Living in Wyoming gives us a wonderful view in many things the world has to offer, and that’s what the field trip was meant to do. 

The students at LHS don’t get to go on field trips very often so it’s nice when a class can get out of the classroom and run around nature while still learning things. 

They learned some amazing things about the ecosystem and some insects defense mechanisms.

“I learned a grasshopper regurgitates as a defense mechanism in order to drown ants,” Essley said. 

Fire ants eat things such as grasshoppers and they get a lot of them together to attack one grasshopper.

When the Ants attack the grasshoppers must do something in defense and the best way to do it is to drown them and run away. 

The students got to look at a lot of cool things the ecosystems of Vedauwoo has to offer. 

They got to look into some of the 8 ecosystems the world has to offer and seemed to have a good time.

The students at LHS got to look at some cool things Vedauwoo has to offer last Wednesday and Tuesday. 

They seemed to like the fact that they got to go out of the classroom and into nature. 

It must have been a good break for the students, they got to leave the books and reading behind and got to go out to nature and learn about it while standing in it. 

It’s always good for the school to allow the Teachers to take their students out of the classroom.

Even though they are learning things, it’s a good mental break from the push of math and books the school has the students do every day. 

It gives the students a break to relax and not worry so much about the test you have next period or the homework that’s due tomorrow. 

Field trips are good for the teachers as well, they get to teach about stuff they love at the place that represents the thing the love the most.