The Laramie High School DECA hosted a concession booth at the University of Wyoming football game Saturday to help aid in the funding for members to go to Nationals that are part of DECA National’s that happens every year in alternating cities across the country.

This club teaches entrepreneurship, marketing, speaking, and impromptu skills for the real world of business.

Two students from LHS, Sarah Wallace and Zane Tillman, have worked these concessions and had some things to say regarding the environment of working at college football games.

Tillman, who has been a member of DECA since his freshman year, stated that the process of getting into the stadium is fairly easily.

“Before we get to the stadium, the DECA supervisor tells us the gate number, which is usually two or three,” Tillman said. “You go up to the guy at the gate and you just tell him you’re with UW Concessions and you sign in with your name which is already in a list the gate manager has. Then he gives you lanyard then you’re on your way.”

The concessions are managed by UWYO, so the inventory is set and displayed before the game starts so when people begin funneling in, there are options for food and drink available.

“We set up the inventory and count all the products when we arrive on site,” Tillman said. “ Then we tally it up and send it to the food service people in charge of the whole operation that are up in the VIP watching area.”

Wallace, who was a member of DECA her sophomore year, stated that while working during the football games can be stressful it can also be a good experience.

“It was a steady stream of people from the start of the game until halftime,” Wallace said. “Halftime is like, the big rush of people and that was where it would get stressful. But I’d much rather be working hard than standing and being bored.”

Just this school year LHS has gotten a new DECA coordinator named Terrance Reese. Reese stated that the process of coordinating with UW for the concessions stand is quite simple.

“I contact the people at UW and we set-up an opportunity for students to come in and work and raise money for themselves to compete in different DECA events over the course of the school year,” Reese said. “They just want to show up with a smile on our faces and support the students while they work.”

Reese also stated that UW concessions actually requests the DECA students to come work because they are so good at what they do.

“I mean working with the DECA students, they’re good students and they are great with working in a professional environment,” said Reese. “We never have any issues with fighting or people not willing to work. They know that the DECA kids are gonna show and work hard and because of that they actually request us back just about every game.”