The Laramie High School orchestra will be finishing the school year with one final concert left to go.

This concert is held on Tuesday, May 14th and it will take place at the Laramie High School auditorium. 

They will be performing for anyone who is interested in attending and supporting the orchestra.

“We have done three concerts so far this year in my orchestra group and with this last one it will be four,” said Isabel Arnold, a sophomore at LHS.

The LHS orchestra is led by Sarah McCoy, a staff member at LHS who has three classes, one for each group of orchestras.

McCoy teaches students new songs and how to play them. She helps them get the tune of the song perfected.

McCoy conducts the orchestra groups during performances and class to keep students on pace and together when playing.

Students are placed in one of the three orchestra classes of their choice which is provided during the school year, during the time they have, students practice every class period on pieces as a group and individually.

Students put work into the music by staying in tune and being able to play the songs fluently with each other.

“I think we did great this year and it was a lot of fun to play with so many talented people in the orchestra as well as the band,” said Arnold.

There are three different classes of orchestras which can be chosen, these include chamber orchestra, concert orchestra and freshmen orchestra.

Chamber orchestra is normally smaller than concert orchestra and includes different instruments. Freshmen orchestra introduces high school orchestra to freshmen who are interested.

“The largest concert we performed in was our Christmas concert, held at the high school where we combined our music with the LHS band,” said Arnold.

Another important concert was the district festival, held over a month ago where members were able to play solo and group pieces and then receive feedback from judges.

Choir and band also performed in this concert.

Members of LHS orchestra also have a wide variety of instruments that they can play including the cello, piano, violin, viola, bass and many more.

In orchestra members need to hold good teamwork to perform well, they must keep together at the same pace and timing.