The Laramie High School WyoSpace club has progressed in their objectives since the club started in the fall and is hopeful for more membership and competition in the near future.

To raise money for the club, members raised money during the Fall and Spring through LHS concessions. Through this volunteering, the club was able to fund the rocket expenses by using the money from Fall Concessions to buy motors, altimeters, nose cones, and more. The Spring money from concessions through Soccer and Outdoor track is estimated to be around 700 dollars.

The club yields support from many aspects of LHS. “We’re having one of the other students help us in the metalshop, we’ve had to draw woodshop stuff, the metalshop…its combining some of these disciplines,” Advisor Paul Fechtmeister said. The club needed a launchpad and got the help from agriculture classes to help build it for them.

The club has two fully built rockets, both of which have been launched and both have been built with enough care to survive other launches. The rockets have two different cones,

The club mainly uses two pieces of software to help with rocketering, Open Rocket and Logger Pro. They can use their program Open Rocket to measure many different numbers that are necessary for building a rocket. The program can check the center of gravity, estimate the weight, simulate flight, and many more.

The club has also been able to get new and useful equipment to help them grow their potential. One of their new pieces is a gadget that releases their parachute. It waits for apogee, which is the highest point that they want the rocket to go, then the gadget unwraps from the parachute to release.

“One of the ways we can really tweak our time…is come down in very fine grain tune, when this thing [rocket] hits the ground as far as time,” Fechtmeister said.

Even though the club has struggled with experience, funding, time, and membership, they still were able to get an official launch for their competition. “I actually had a person come that was not connected to the club and they were certified, and they sat there and watched it with a stopwatch, it was so fun,” Fechtmeister said.

The club is eager to share their progression with the rest of the community. “If you’re doing something neat and interesting, who’s gonna know…we would love to have more people in the club,” Fechtmeister said.