This past weekend on May 3 in Torrington Wyo. The Laramie high school golf team had a tournament.

This is a course the LHS golf team has played on before and they play on it every year and some of the team excelled on the course.

The girls golf team did well on the Torrington course.

“The girls did really good. Camryn Nagy shot a 98 and Emily Cattles came through and shot a 96 which was her best. I did not play that great, I had a rough time putting the whole time,” senior Mackenzie Yeend said.

Depending on the course, if the girls have played on the course, they usually do well on it and if they have never played on it, they could get lucky.

The main thing about golf is the menta focus. If the individual is not focused during the tournament, they have a chance not to do well. Golfing is hard when you are not concentrated, golf is hard to get better at when you are not in it mentally.

Since state golf is in the fall, in the spring season they have a conference. Conference is May 13 and May 14 in Green River Colo.

For conference, only some are allowed to go so, the LHS golf team just started qualifying for it to see who will be able to go.

The scoring system in golf is different from most sports. The lower score is better. The individual will have to score for the front nine and you get a score for the back nine and you then add the scores together to get the total. Every hole has a par and it is the average or the goal for each hole.

Golf practice has been hard due to the weather, the last week most of the practices have been cancelled. This week the golf team is supposed to be practicing for conference but may not be able to practice due to the weather. But when the golf team is able to go to practice, they hit at the driving range or they go through and play five or nine holes.

“I am hoping that I can come out and be top 10 at conference because I have played the course before and I really like it and the fairways are really open. I think as a team we will do good because lots of the younger boys and Nagy have never played it so it will be nice for them to see it for the first time, and I always think that is easier than knowing the course really well. Cattles and I are the only ones who have played the course before,” Yeend said.

The LHS golf team wants others to go out for golf because it is very laid back and enjoyable when there is less weather.