The Laramie High School German classes have been learning German since the beginning of the 2018-2019 school year.

The German classes range from German 1: where they learn to count; learn the alphabet; and some basic words; phrases and titles, to AP German where they are conversing for 10 or more minutes about different, random topics.

All the German classes at Laramie high school are taught by Mr. Defranc. Some students took German classes during Junior High.

In German 2, their class will typically start as follows,

“We start by translating three German sentences into English. That usually takes about ten minutes. Then we will spend ten minutes reading a German book.” Junior Lucas Roberts said.

After they have done the warm up, if they have a lesson, they will get it done and learn whatever new vocabulary or phrase they are assigned. But they don’t always have a lesson.

“Sometimes after we read, we will just play German comprehension games or do Quizlet or we can learn hand gestures that go with certain words,” Roberts said.

“Other times, we will read a short story in German or watch a short German video and then for a few days or weeks, depending on the length and difficulty, talk about its plot or the characters or if it took place in some famous city or site, we might talk about that, like Berlin or New York or where ever,” Roberts reported.

Because of the difficulty and length of time required to get to German 5 or AP German, there is only one class period. They will usually receive the same lectures but different worksheets and different tests with the AP class getting the more difficult one of the two.

“AP will also have some AP testing prep along with their regular test,” Roberts said.

A few volunteer German students, and other foreign language students, will go down to the university of Northern Colorado on April 17 to learn about some history of the German language, about Germany and about some of the culture of German speaking countries.

It will mostly be German 4, German 5 and AP German students that go but there will be some lower level German students that go, “Roberts said.  

Right now, in German 2, they are learning about the story Kitten.

“In the Kitten, the kitten meets a pitbull and then they become friends. But the pitbull lives in an ally and his owner makes him fight, the kitten helps the pitbull climb over a fence, and they escape from the fighting. After they climb over the fence, a new family finds them and they become a happy family,” Roberts stated.

Some common phrases spoken are:

Darf ich bitte mal auf die toilete ghen? Which mean May I go to the bathroom.

Guten tag. Which means Good day.

Wie Geht es? Which mean How are you.