Laramie High School will have their first home meet at the new high school Tuesday afternoon starting at 3:30.

When the new LHS was built they out the track in incorrectly and messed a whole bunch of things up. Over the past two summers they have fixed it and now LHS is holding their first home meet.

“I feel pretty good about this meet, because south is the only school that is coming, I feel pretty good about my chances in vault,” Aubry Sanchez said.

Aubry Sanchez is a junior on the team and is looking forward to growing in pole vault and claiming the state title in outdoor just like she did in indoor.

“Going into this outdoor season it has been a little bit rough because I haven’t been getting the height that I want for vault, but I think with more work and with my coaches and competition pushing me I know I can reach it,” Sanchez said.

The biggest goal for the team during this outdoor season is to win state and defend the state title that the team won during the 2018 indoor track season.

“I think that as a team we really just want to win the state title and become stronger as a whole team,” Sanchez said.

Today the LHS track team had a dual against Cheyenne South High School

“Because only one school was here and especially because it was South it was a pretty fast meet,” Sanchez said.

The field events of the meet started at 3:00 pm while the running events started around 3:30 pm. Warm ups for long jump and triple jump were the first thing that happened at the meet. Then boys long jump flights started and after that the girls went for long jump. After all the flights of long jump were done then triple jump started. While all of this was going on the first warm ups and heights of pole vault started. While all the field and jumping events were going on the running started.

“Today I was coming in at 10 feet for pole vault and all of the younger girls came in at 5 feet so I had a while to wait before I could vault which was kind of hard because all I wanted to do was vault because I love it so much,” Sanchez said

Because only one school came to this meet all the flights and races were very small and had mostly Laramie athletes, so when it came to varsity pole vault Aubry was the only female vaulting today.

“I was the only varsity female vaulter today which was kind of hard because that means I have no competition to go against and to push me but apparently I do good without any one there because I set my Personal Record and hid 11’6” which is the highest I’ve gotten this whole outdoor season,” Sanchez said.

The Laramie track team does not have any more home meets this season, but you can catch them all over the state almost every weekend.