DECA Nationals will take place at the Orange County Convention Center April 27-30 in Orlando, Florida.  

Senior Noah Dreiling has been participating in DECA for 2 years and has qualified for Nationals both years.

“I am competing in the individual entrepreneurship event,” Dreiling said.

This event is when the student receives a test and a roll play.  The test consists of 100 multiple choice questions of varying business subjects, and then the roll play is a situation where the student presents a task to judges.   

“I’m not expecting to get on stage, but I would like to score well on my roll play,” Dreiling said, “but throughout DECA my goal has been to become more confident in talking in front of people.”

Over the two years Dreiling’s goal has been to improve over the years.  Dreiling has been working at his events and competition to improve his skills through practicing roll plays, being more knowledgeable in business subject matter and gaining experience talking in high stress situations.  

DECA has helped improve Dreiling’s’ leadership skills and he believe DECA, as a core, helps promote good public speaking, aids in preparation for test taking as well as instills skills for college.  

“Personally, I have gained all of those, along with good leadership from direct meetings”, Dreiling said.  

DECA stands for Distributive Education Clubs of America and helps students in this club learn about how to communicate through thoughts and ideas.  

Students also learn how to organize a presentation and about what businesses expect from employees, all while gaining problem solving skills to help them in the business field later in life.

According to the DECA website, “DECA prepares emerging leaders and entrepreneurs in marketing, finance, hospitality and management in high schools and colleges around the globe”.

“Performing at such a big competition is exciting,” Dreiling said, “along with getting to see Orlando, it makes the trip something to look forward to.”

Dreiling is only one of the seniors that are attending DECA Nationals this year.  Ben Taboga, a senior at LHS is joining Dreiling at Nationals along with 14 others that will represent Laramie High School DECA Club.  

“Getting a few people on stage would be awesome, but it’s hard to predict how it will go as it is such a competitive field, and people come from all around the United States, so you don’t really know how good they will be,” Dreiling said.