As the school year comes to a close the Laramie High School basketball team shows no signs of stopping anytime soon.

The Team is now in their off season during which they are preparing for the next winter season.

“We have open gyms that are optional for players to go to, we also have a traveling basketball team that competes in Colorado and Cheyenne,” Janson Adair said.

The team is not only focused on playing better individually but they are also focused on coming closer and being able to play better as a unit.

“We got a new coach and we are doing open gyms and just trying to keep the team chemistry up,” Conner Killpack said.

Throughout the pre-season the team encounters a lot of different competition to get them ready for the upcoming season that helps the team grow.

“We have summer camps and learn to play as a team, we get to know each other, build team chemistry and get the knowledge we need for the next season,” Killpack said

During the offseason many members of the team are on a traveling team and get to play with many different schools to increase their knowledge, and experience.  

“The Colorado school give a lot better competition than the Wyoming schools, because Colorado has bigger, faster, strong, better athletes,” Adair said.

The team also hold regular practices, not only to get ready for the next season to increase effectiveness in game situations but also to prepare for their traveling team games.

“To prep for upcoming games, we scrimmage in many practices, but we also work on plays, and just getting a sense of game speed, and that really gets us ready for tournaments,” Adair said.

“At practice we do a few drills and we just play five on five to get competition and to better our game with each other,” Killpack said.

The upcoming seniors hold a responsibility on the team to be leader and keep the team going.

“As a senior I am just trying to gain the trust of everybody to be a leader for next year, so that they will trust me, and we can all trust each other,” Killpack said.

“I am just trying to be around the guys as much as possible, and build that friendship on and off the court, so that I trust my guys and they trust me,” Adair said.