The Laramie High School Yearbook staff have completed the 2018-2019 yearbook and are now working on the 2019-2020 yearbook.

Yearbook students take a year long class, with duties including going to school sporting events, writing columns of events that happened throughout the year, and making sure to get pictures of the events.

“Taking a lot of photos, and tagging names, and getting quotes of people that are captains for teams,” Hailee Kershner said, one of the current Yearbook students.

The yearbook was created across the span of the entire year, with the students cataloging all of the sporting events, performing arts concerts, and general class activities going on around LHS.

“I’d say, throughout the whole year, we probably started this around September. We just submitted the Yearbook, and we’re working on the supplement now,” Kershner said.

When the students finish up their work on the current year’s book, they don’t waste time in starting on the next year’s, with features like theme, how the cover will be designed, and other fine details.

While other students work on next year’s book, another section of the class starts working on the supplement to go along with the book. The supplement includes more details of events that went on during the school, quotes to go with those events, and other material that didn’t quite make the cut to get into the yearbook.

The Yearbook class has also been pushing a big advertising campaign to sell the books. As of now, yearbooks cost $70, and they have limited numbers left.  If you’re interested in purchasing a yearbook, go to

In addition to buying the yearbook, parents can also assist with customizing the yearbook. The Yearbook class offers parents the opportunity to submit “baby ads” into the book, to show progress for students from kindergarten to graduation.

Many Yearbook students are seniors this year and are going to be graduating next month. In order to keep yearbooks coming for each graduating class, the Yearbook class is still accepting students to assist in creating the class of 2020 yearbook. If interested, students can contact their counselor.