During the months of Jan., Feb., and March, students at Laramie High School had the opportunity to compete in a creation bookmark contest.


The bookmark contest is an art and design competition where students are given the chance to decorate one of two sizes of pre-cut bookmarks and submit it for voting by their peers at LHS.


This years top five winners were Parker Jackson in first place, Kylie McCray in second, Jackson in third, Jackson in fourth, and Isabel Duff in fifth.


The bookmark contest is an annual event hosted by LHS librarians Reesa Florom and Elaine Elliot.


There were 21 bookmarks submitted this year by students. All entries are done completely anonymous.


“This [the anonymous nature of the entries] draws many otherwise shy students to enter,” Florom said.


Bookmarks can be decorated with any medium and designed in accordance to the topic. They are then given to the librarians, then voted on by the student population at LHS.


This year the topic was open so any design or theme could be submitted. In past years, topics have ranged from favorite book genre to favorite character.


“Imagination is whatever it is, nobody reads the same books or the same kind of books, some people read graphic novels some read non-fiction and some are fantasy and murder mystery and so its whatever inspires you.” Elliot said.


The entry period begins the Mon. after Christmas break, Jan. 7, and ends the Fri. before spring break, March 18. The voting period is the week after spring break and the winners are announced the next Mon., April 1.


Plenty of advertising is done to attract both voters and participants. Chuck Kern’s Wed. Words of Wisdom have included announcements about both the submission deadline and the voting period in past years.


“Really the news is just spread by word of mouth. If there’s one thing the kids like to do it’s talk, so why not give them something fun and interesting to talk about,” said Florom.


An estimated one third of the student body contributed a vote to the contest this year.


Each student can vote three times each day. The votes can be cast for the same bookmark or three separate bookmarks.


This is the fourth consecutive year of the bookmark contest at LHS since its initial introduction in 2014.


It was proposed by Elliot after she was hired to work at LHS. Previously she had worked in the library at an elementary school where a similar competition was held each year.


“A lot of times they have it for younger grades and I thought oh man these kids are so artistic they should have their own contest,” Elliot said.

The students that win one of the first five places win laminated copies of their own bookmark and printed copies of any of the other submissions. Copies of any of the entered bookmarks can be picked up in the library.


There are plans to continue the bookmark contest in the coming years.