The Laramie Rangers baseball season will be starting on Saturday. There are roughly 13-15 varsity players with a limit of 18 players on varsity.

“Our first game this season is against Cheyenne Post 6 and then against the Rocksprings Sand Puppies, it’s a double-header,” Tyler Oppie a junior for the rangers said.

The Rangers must go out and play the hardest they can to start off the season with a win.

“We need to have good pitching, solid at bats, and good defense that will be the key for us to do good in our first game. We also have to stay focused and play as a team,” Oppie said.

For the first game of the season, different adjustments will be seen that can be made throughout the season.

“We aren’t super confident going into the first game because we haven’t had a lot of practices, and we haven’t played together much, aside from the optional practices we had in the off season, we are not completely used to each other yet,” Oppie said.

Overall the Rangers have good potential, especially once they have played multiple games together.

“So far, the team looks pretty good, we have a lot of team players that want to be there and play at the best of their abilities. In general, we have quite a few guys who want to go out and play and fill different positions even if they are not used to them,” Oppie said.

The Rangers have strengths and weaknesses that they will battle with, and side with.

“Some of our strengths on the team are that we have serious players and skilled players, that want to work hard and do whatever it takes to win, overall our attitude and the level of play we want to bring are a big positive for us,” Oppie said.

With some of the strengths, the Rangers will have to do what they can to try and overcome the weaknesses that are going to challenge them.

“One of the biggest weaknesses we have in our age. We lose players every year that are the oldest, and so we must teach the younger players and build our team around them. In the future, the team will be good once we all figure it out together. Another problem we have had is not being able to get on the field a lot because of the weather,” Oppie said.