The Laramie Rangers high school baseball team is getting ready for their first games of the season this weekend. Practices started in January, and the team has had a good amount of time to prepare and start strong this season. Saturday, April 20, the Rangers faced off against Post 6, the Cheyenne Hawks, and the Rock Springs Sand Puppies.

Caleb Eaton, a member of the Rangers, is a utility player, meaning he can play any position on the field. “During May we don’t play too many games because of school, but during the summer we play five to six games per week,” Eaton said. Michael Schutterle is a first and second baseman on the team. “We usually have games on the weekends and when summer starts, we’ll have them on Thursdays too,” Schutterle said. With many games to play throughout the summer, the Rangers will also have practices in order to secure their rankings and take home the win.

Ramon Gomez, pitcher, short stop, and second baseman, says that the practices are a relaxed environment in which the team is focused on working hard, but also having fun. “We have practice every weekday, but also on Sundays,” said Gomez. “We practice just about every day around five at Cowboy Field,” Schutterle said. With so many practices a week, the Rangers should surely be able to take home a win.

The Rangers’ first few games this season will be held at Powers Field 6, home of Cheyenne team 1A, also known as Post 6. “Our first game is this weekend. We play post 6 at Powers field 6. Afterwards we’re playing the Cheyenne Hawks and the Rock Springs Sand Puppies,” Eaton said.  “There’s lots of teams: Gillette, Cheyenne, Rock Springs, Cheyenne 1A, Casper, Sheridan, and tons more,” Schutterle said. The Rangers will have many games this season, against teams from all over the state.

The Rangers have a new head coach this year.

“Aaron Lozano is our head coach and I like him, he gives the seniors a lot of room to lead and there’s much more open communication, which is what we need because we have a younger team this year,” Gomez said.