The boys Laramie Plainsmen Soccer team had a rough week playing against Sheridan on April 12, and Campbell county April 13.

The first game on April 12, was a tough loss for the Plainsmen. Unable to score the Plainsmen lost 0-3.

The game was away in Sheridan Wy which gave the Sheridan varsity team the upper hand and confidence. With the win, the Sheridan team now has a record of 4 wins and 5 losses.

Last month the Laramie Plainsmen beat the Sheridan team. The Plainsmen scored one goal to knock off Sheridan at Laramie’s home conference. These games pushed Laramie to a 3 win 4 loss and 1 tie record.

The star scorer on the Sheridan team was Junior Toby Jacobs, he scored two goals in the Sheridan home conference. Following Toby up on the Sheridan team is Junior Ethan Rickett who only scored one goal.

Laramie had three attempts to score but all of them were saved by goalie Sam Salyards on the Sheridan team.

As far as fouls, Sheridan was a much more aggressive team having 10 fouls while Laramie only had 6.

Laramie’s game the next day was a better match against the Campbell County Camels.

The score being 1-3 Laramie lost another game but this time was able to get a ball in the net.

Much like the Sheridan game, Laramie had won against the Campbell county camels last month with a score of 1-0.

This game also was away, in Gillette Wy. The Campbell county camels came out swinging on their home field. Starting the half with all three of their points but then dropped off hard.

Laramie changing it up a little held their ground in the second half. Preventing the camels from scoring again. Gaining confidence the Plainsmen then scored their only goal.

The boys Laramie Plainsmen soccer team will now head to Cheyenne to go head to head against the East Thunderbirds.

The game will be on Thursday, April 18, the Plainsmen finally coming back to Laramie to play. The East Thunderbirds at the moment are ranked 6th in Wyoming as Laramie is ranked 9th. Laramie will have to work for this win but this time will have the home field advantage.

This will be the first time these teams play this year, hopefully, the Laramie Plainsmen come out on top.