The Orchestra class at Laramie High School participated in the Festival
Concert in Cheyenne last week.

Festival is a Wyoming High School Activities Association (WHSAA) ran
event that takes place in Cheyenne’s East and Central High Schools each

The concert was held from April 15 through 16.

Wyoming high school students in choir, band, and orchestra classes all
partook in the event.

“Festival is one of the bigger performances of the year for all groups
because it is adjudicated and scored,” LHS chamber orchestra student
Libby Berryhill said.

At Festival, there were large group performances, as well as smaller group
performances (duets, trios, etc.) and solos.

The large group performances for the orchestra section of Festival included
performances from concert orchestra, freshman orchestra, and chamber
orchestra from different Wyoming high schools.

At LHS, there are three different orchestra classes/groups: freshman,
concert, and chamber.

Freshman Orchestra is for the freshman at the high school and Concert
Orchestra is for students in grades 10 through 12.

For Chamber Orchestra, students must audition and be selected to join the

“Our chamber orchestra has some of the best musicians in the state,”
Berryhill said.

Each orchestra group played three pieces at Festival. All pieces varied on
skill level depending on the group who performed them.

Students performed in front of judge and were evaluated by the judge based
on their performance.

They were given scores for various categories including tone quality,
balance and blend, tempo, rhythm, and uniformity. A judge then held a
clinic with the group.

A clinic is when the person who evaluates an orchestra performance
coaches the musicians about why they scored the way that they did and tells
them how they can improve.

At Festival, an orchestra clinic typically lasts about 5 to 15 minutes.

All LHS Orchestra students had been preparing for the Festival concert
since December.

LHS orchestra held a pre-festival concert on April 11 where all the pieces for
the actual Festival concert were practiced, played, and perfected.

Berryhill plays the cello and has done so since fourth grade. She is in
Concert Orchestra at LHS.

“What I really enjoy about orchestra is being able to make music that
sounds amazing. Being in an orchestra and playing with a group is really a
team effort that everyone is part of and being part of [that team] is great,”
Berryhill said.