Laramie High School student wins second place prize in a documentary contest.

LHS junior Arundathi Nair, won a second place prize in C-SPAN’s 2019 StudentCam video documentary competition.

Nair’s documentary is titled “Out of Many, One and Out of One, Many.”

Nair won a second place prize in 2,923 StudentCam documentaries from over 6,300 students representing 48 states and Washington, DC with only 150 prizes total given out.

Nair has placed in the West Division twice before.

This year’s competition asked students to create a 5-6 minute documentary on the theme, “what does it mean to be American?”

The entrants were to choose a constitutional right, national characteristic, or historic event and explain how it defines the American experience.

“I did mine on kind of like American identity and how we all have many different identities but can still be American,” Nair said.

The documentary consists of 6 minutes and 14 seconds of different interviews that Nair conducted with many members of the Laramie community such as University of Wyoming professors and researchers.

“It always challenges you to think about different perspectives. Because that’s one of the requirements, to interview different people that might have different perspectives,” Nair said.

There are 16 second prize awards given out total, 12 given in the high school category, 4 for each region, and 4 given in the middle school category.

Nair’s second place winning documentary aired throughout the day on C-SPAN television network on Tuesday, April 2.

Besides rewarding Nair by airing her documentary on C-SPAN television network, Nair also won a 1,500 dollar cash prize.

Nair started making her documentary around the end of October 2018 and finished it in late January 2019.

Nair’s documentary was uploaded on February 28, 2019.

Nair found out that “Out of Many, One and Out of One, Many” won a second place prize in the high school west division on Wednesday March 13.

Nair plans to compete in the StudentCam documentary one last time next year which will be her senior year.

Nair also won a second place prize in the C-SPAN’s 2018 StudentCam video documentary competition for her documentary, “Freedom of Expression is a Human Right, Censorship a Human Wrong.”

Nair won a first place prize her freshman year in the C-SPAN’s 2017 StudentCam video documentary competition for her documentary, “Fossil Fuels to Renewables.”