A Laramie teen will be going to Washington D.C. to attend The Washington
Journalism and Media Conference in July.

Ainsley Marshall, the only Wyoming high school student selected, will be
joining other high school students from around the country to meet and
work with renowned journalists.

The Washington Journalism and Media Conference (WJMC) is a week full of seminars to become a better journalist and to learn from political journalists, photo journalists, and many others.
Students will be listening to some well-known prize-winning journalists.

This year’s speakers are Alex Rosenwald, Brian Lamb, John Hollis, Laura
Barrón-López, Lauren Ober, Meghan A.T.B. Reese, Sam Wolfe, Savannah
Behrmann, Scott Jackson, Sonya Gavankar, Susan Goldberg, and Tom

National Youth Correspondents will experience an integrated and forward-
thinking approach to journalism and media, while acquiring valuable
knowledge. Marshall will be travelling to D.C. during the month of July.

This summer’s conference will take place July 7 to 12 and July 14 to 19.
Marshall will be attending July 7 to 12. The conference is being hosted at George Mason University. The university is hosting in hopes to put itself out there as a possible school to attend.

“I am super excited about the trip but a little nervous because of the people
I don’t know and having to socialize,” Marshall said.

Marshall received a letter in the mail stating that she had been selected to
be the student ambassador for Wyoming and that she was invited to
participate in the program. Marshall was selected based off her academic performance and her interest in journalism.

Marshall completed letters of recommendation to go to the New York
Times school of journalism but never fully applied due to expenses.
Each summer, Mason welcomes high school leaders from all over the
country as National Youth Correspondents. National Youth Correspondents join the Mason community which includes students and faculty from all over the world.
Mason attracts proven and innovative leaders in communications, media
research, new media, and electronic journalism.

Faculty members have developed the WJMC curriculum to suit the needs
and potential of the nation’s most talented leaders in the field.
The conference curriculum includes hands on learning with industry
leaders from the Mason faculty as well as the international media outlets
and Washington insiders.

For more information about The Washington Journalism and Media
Conference, go to www.wjmc.gmu.edu.