Two seniors on the Laramie Rangers baseball team are ready to start their next season, with their first game on Saturday, April 20, 2019, in Cheyenne.

The Laramie Rangers lost 6 seniors that were key varsity players to their team last year.

“I think the start of the season may be a little rocky because we lost so many people from last year but once we get rolling, I feel like we’ll be just fine,” Ramon Gomez said.

The younger boys on the team with no varsity experience are going to have to step up and hopefully they will improve with time and on-field practice.  

“I think this season is going to go well, we are a young team, but we have a lot of talent,” Michael Schutterle said.  

Schutterle and Gomez have similar team goals for this year. They both have goals that include ending their final season playing in the State Championship game.  

“I want to get to the championship game for State this year, and hopefully win, but my personal goal is batting 400 [yards],” Schutterle said.  While every player sets goals, these Seniors hope to mentor the younger players and motivate them to play their best baseball during each game. “A team goal is to improve our win and loss record and to ultimately work as a team to hopefully take a State title this year,” Gomez said.   

Gomez plays middle fielder and pitches sometimes.  He has played baseball in Laramie ever since he was 6 years old and he is joining the UW club baseball team.  “Baseball is a very slow paced game but it is combined with some of the most difficult things you can to do in sports, in just one game,” Schutterle said, “It’s just so fun to be able to hang out with your friends in the dugout and travel places with them.”

Last season the Rangers ended the season in 3rd place and lost to Cheyenne Post 6 team.   A win would have put them into the State Championship game. “I’m looking forward to playing versus Cheyenne this year because they have a really good program and it’d be nice to match up with them,” Gomez said, “and I’m really good friends with a couple of them.”  They ended the season last year with a record of 33-27, and in the conference, they were 3-3.